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First Date Sex: Yes or No?

Are you confused about having sex on your first date? I thought it may be worth talking about whether you should give in or not. First date sex is always a difficult subject when dating. And sometimes, you can’t get away from it. For other daters, they would say that it is a test of […]

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How To Keep Her Interested in You

For most men, keeping your woman interested is a challenge. Though the success is based on your individual personalities, there are some effective ways to keep your woman interested and keep the attraction flowing. First, women like a man who is confident in himself. If you have that oozing self confidence in you, it will […]

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Cheating: How To Keep Him Faithful

In a relationship, sometimes you can stop yourself from thinking if your other half is cheating or not. For women, it hurts to hear that her man is cheating on her. And they need a preventive medicine to keep him away from cheating. There are things you can do to strengthen your relationship and keep […]

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How to Avoid and Handle a Rebound Relationship

Moving from one failed relationship and moving to a new relationship is quite common. This is called a rebound relationship. Once the person gets over the grief of their break up, it is possible that one may walk out to proceed in their life. Usually this kind of relationship does not last long. Your relationship should […]

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