Breaking Up and Moving On

Breaking Up and Moving On

Loss of a relationship is one of the hardest things a person can endure. It means that the person you loved is no longer yours to love and not only you’re grieving for this relationship, but a loss of self as well. I know moving on is not easy. Break ups happen because either one of you is no longer happy with each other. Whatever the reason of break-up is, even though it is the hardest thing to you, you have to move on. Then man of your dreams is waiting for you and if you dwell on your failed relationship, you will never find him. On the brighter side, it’s not the end of the world for you. Sooner or later you will realize that something big is waiting for you. You will realize how important you are to other people, how to enjoy your freedom and lastly, learn to value yourself.

Don’t look at the past relationship. It doesn’t matter who ended the relationship or whatever the reason is. If your relationship did not work now, it might not work in the future as well. Now that you’re single, take time to think what you really what to accomplish in life or probably what you want to improve in yourself. Past relationships are just lessons we need to learn the hard way. Often, we look for someone to blame. Don’t blame yourself or anyone. Take responsibility of your actions and create an action plan.

Dealing with sadness is the hardest part. Moving on is a long process and it takes time. Don’t let bitterness enter your mind. Keep yourself busy and seek a friend’s help if necessary. In order to clear your baggage, you need an activity that will keep your mind off him. Do the things you haven’t done for a long time because you’re in a relationship.  Little by little you will realize that you are no longer emotionally attached to this person.

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