Choose Not To Kiss

Choose Not To Kiss

Read the conversation of a christian mother and her daughter, this will give you ideas on how christian people consider on their first date.

“Choose not to kiss” answered by 53 year-old Christian mother to her 18-year old daughter asking for her permission to go out for her first date.

“But why mom? Did Daddy not kissed you on your first date?” asked Cherry with a naughty smile to her mother.

Nina stopped watering the plants and look calmly to her daughter.

“As far as I remembered on our first date, he was attracted on how I get dressed and my conservative moves. By that, he knows that I am a woman that can be respected on. Our relationship long lasts because of our prayer and you also witnessed that. We came to church every Sunday, so that we will be guided by His holy presence. The only thing that your dad can be proud of is we made our “intercourse” after we get married. If you give respect to yourself first, then everybody will follow you. Men are observant; they will dig you deeper if you’ll allow them to not respect you. So shy, find the right guy that has a good faith in God and everything will follow.”

In this dialogue, we can see the values and culture inculcated by a Christian mother to her daughter. It is somehow much appreciated to upbring youths to be more conscious on moral principles and to prevent them from getting hooked into world’s temptations that may cause a great danger to her future.

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