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– Free Christian Dating

Are you searching for a Christian soul mate? Christian people value purity and cleanliness inside and out. Life is full of temptations that lead most to faux pas. It is better to be protected and sheltered by His holy words and walking life with harmony. Christian dating is fun, well-guided and can create a strong and long lasting relationship unless you follow these principles and philosophies where I can assure you’ll get a 100% perfect match.

Here are the must do things in your first christian date.

  1. Make sure you dress looks fashionable and not too sexy. Being too sexy in your first date can turn him off and that’s the point he will not respect you. Christian woman are nice dresser and walk with respect.
  2. Proper Hygiene. It is very important to be clean all the time especially in a date. Do you brush your teeth, wear deodorant and comb you hair before leaving home? It is so disgust to meet a woman with a smelly underarms and a killers’ breath.
  3. Pray for God’s assistance and let His words be your guide in your date. This will also give you a proper mind-set in order to control such temptations.
  4. When meeting him, always wear a smile and let him assist you in taking your seat.
  5. Stay what you are. Be gentle and nice. Some other shy type women are confused on what to do on their first date and sometimes ending to embarrassment.
  6. Be friends first. Enjoy your night being together by chatting and choose a topic that both of you will be comfortable to talk to. Get to know each other more. Ask him about his hobbies, passion, his favorite food and his faith to God as well. It is better to find man conveys a great faith in God, by then; possibly he’s a good man for you.
  7. Keep a little distance. Don’t get too fast as if you were. Men are observant; they will take advantage if he sees you are too close to him.
  8. No Kiss at First Date. This will be crucial if you enter into this dangerous game.  The flame will start if you let it fire. So don’t break down your barriers and ends into great devastation.
  9. Put a little mystery in you. Men loves mysterious type woman. I don’t know but somewhat guys are digging into it. Remain pure and clean until your wedding day.

“Men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love.”  Do you really think that giving sex to men will barter you real love?  Think a hundred times, find God’s place in your heart and the rest assured.

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