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Online Dating Hazards: Know The Danger and Find The Right One

Our world has gone to a diverse change, from climate to gadgets. Obviously, dating has no exception to that. Our culture has been moulded by changes of materialism and idealism that made everything easier for everyone. Finding Mr. Perfect can be as easy as one click of your mouse or one simple text message. But […]

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The Second Date: The Lighter Side of Dating

After a nerve wracking first date, here if your chance to prove how consistently creative you are in making a memorable date. You have earned the trophy of her trust to go out with you again. The second time would be less demanding of tedious details but be cautious. It can also be your last […]

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First Date Sex: Yes or No?

Are you confused about having sex on your first date? I thought it may be worth talking about whether you should give in or not. First date sex is always a difficult subject when dating. And sometimes, you can’t get away from it. For other daters, they would say that it is a test of […]

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How To Make a Good Impression: First Date

First impression has been a topic of interest for decades and it can make or break your first date. When meeting someone for the first time, it is absolutely vital that you look at your best. The first impression you give is a very important part in the blooming of a love relationship. The first […]

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