The Second Date: The Lighter Side of Dating

The Second Date: The Lighter Side of Dating

After a nerve wracking first date, here is your chance to prove how consistently creative you are in making a memorable date. You have earned the trophy of her trust to go out with you again. The second time would be less demanding of tedious details but be cautious. It can also be your last date, so don’t blow it! It is still not a reason for you to be too loose with manners; you just surpassed the realm of awkwardness for the both of you.

Just follow the basics of the first date. Remember how you put the smile on her face and be consistent with it. But the real score in the second date is to shine through from the first. You don’t want to make a part 2 of your first date. Hello? This is not a “First Date Saga”, so be different from the first. This is the moment to have fun with a wide range of activities which makes the ambiance of love flourishing in a whole new garden. Pick activities that show the lighter, brighter side of you. Share more laughs and talks.

Basic guidelines on the second date:

  1. Let your date know what to wear. So that she won’t be overdressed or underdressed.
  2. Inform your date of the upcoming activities you have in mind. At times, it’s good to have her participation as to where she wants to go or what she wants to do.
  3. Bring some simple but thoughtful gift.
  4. Follow the basics of the first date.
  5. When meeting your date the second time, whisper in her ears a kick-ass line that would surely knock her off her feet. One way to start the energy too!

Be bold and dashing throughout the day and say “Hello third date!” Goodluck!

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