– Top Free Dating Sites

– Top Free Dating Sites

Nowadays, there are tools and applications are used in order to determine  whose on top and whose not. I chose Alexa.com applications in determining the top free online dating sites. Here’s the graph below, it shows the comparison of five websites with their corresponding Traffic Ranks. This graph represents the the year 2010 to 2011 on how the websites performed regarding on web Trafficking.

As we notice, the blue line represents the plentyoffish.com and rank #1 and the red line which is the Match.com place rank#2 with its almost on top spot. As we can see, the rapid growth of okcupid.com, the black line, among other two websites is amazingly incredible and rank#3. The very popular Eharmony, the yellow line, whose now in the rank #4 on the traffic statistics. And the last but not the least, the singlesnet.com, the skyblue line, we can see last year’s performance is higher than the other two websites but decreasing fast this year and got the lowest spot among the four free online websites above.

This is the summary of their global ranks of the given Free Online Dating Sites throughout the web.

Plentyoffish.com – Global Rank 304

Match.com – Global Rank 314

Okcupid.com –Global Rank 652

Eharmony.com – Global Rank 2,115

Singlesnet.com – Global Rank 5,051

The main objective in this article is to show you the top free dating websites around the web. But it’s not a guarantee that it gives you the quality and best services among all other sites. Some are enjoying because of their friendly approach to the members and some are not satisfied  to their given features and stuffs. People may vary also in their views and beliefs in life. I recommend you to choose free dating websites that is really suitable for your life’s interest. Find the best site for you and spread to the world about your one of a kind experience that this site has given you.

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